Dry Creek Feather Ring
Dry Creek Feather Ring
Dry Creek Feather Ring

Dry Creek Feather Ring

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•100% pure Sterling silver.

• Sterling Silver engraved details.

• 1 rare Dry Creek stones.
• light green color.

• Size 7

• Silversmith M STERLING.

This Dry Creek ring will definitely bring ones attention to them. A rare beauty of a light pale green with dark veins. The ring will be the statement of the whole outfit. 

What is Dry Creek?

Dry Creek is a rare stone mined in the United States in the great state of Nevada. The small mine was discovered in 1990s by Shoshone Indian Tribe outside of Austin, Nevada. Dry Creek is considered turquoise and the color is formed from the presence of heavy metals of aluminum and copper. When there is more aluminum formed it a piece of turquoise it produced a light pale blue color. Then on the other hand when there is more copper it produced a light pale green color. One unique fact about Dry Creek is naturally hard with a glowing polish resulting it no treatment. The Dry Creek mine of family owned. Unfortunately the Dry Creek mine is closed; therefore, consider yourself lucky to have a piece of jewelry from the mine. 


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Dry Creek Feather Ring