Boulder Pendant
Boulder Pendant
Boulder Pendant

Boulder Pendant

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•100% pure Sterling Silver


•Shades of brown with light blue stone running  through the stone.

•Sterling silver engraved detail.

• Pendant  

• Silversmith: P.Sanchez Sterling 

 A beautiful Boulder pendant the size of quarter with unique sterling silver detail. The Boulder stone is rare with the unique shades of brown and dark coffee veins running through the pendant. The pendant is unique to the silversmith engraved sterling designs. The pendant will perfectly on any thin change to compliment any occasion.

One of Little Feather’s favorite stones is Boulder because of the wholesome Earth like look. The stones look perfect in any type of jewelry or to add to any custom item. Boulder is a unique stone that comes in unique shades of brown with a small strip Of aqua blue streaming through the stones.

What is Boulder?

The stone is mined in United States in beautiful Nevada. The stone is formed under hot rocks from the deposits of limestone, shale, chert, and many other deposits. The Boulder stones main color is a light brown with darker brown veins running through it. The center of the stone is a unique turquoise stream running through the stone. The Boulder mine was originally discovered in 1970 by a sheep herder. The sheep herder stumbled upon the mine while tending to sheep and quickly identified the vein of turquoise. The mine is active and stays busy in warmer months to mine the turquoise.

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Boulder Pendant